Losing Who You are in a Marriage   no comments

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Do you ever feel like you are losing who you were in a marriage? You sit across the table from the women you love, but you know her too well. There is no mystery to her, and she is dependable like clockwork. She does everything by a plan and everything has a place. The dinner is as bland as ever, and that is why you married her. You wanted someone predictable, dependable and who could laugh easily with you. However, there comes a time when your body is drawn to others.

I guess that is why, I and so many fuck buddy men I know, have illicit encounters. Women always want to run to counseling. They fear something needs to be fixed. No one is trying to leave their wives that I know of. Men like their wives the way they are, but having another relationship on the side is important. It gives men balance.

Written by Linda on July 15th, 2015

Fall Is Creeping   no comments

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I can not believe that fall is creeping up on us very fast, it is my favorite season of the year. The leaves start turning incredible and beautiful colors until they fall off of the tree until next year.

Every year myself and one of my fuck buddies usually hit all the haunted houses and hayrides that we can find within an hour radius. It does end up being costly but it is well worth it and you can only do these fun activities once a year. We always make sure before we leave that we purchase enough cider and donuts to last about a month. Dipping the donuts in the cider is so delicious!

I do not have children but I always carve about six pumpkins, decorate my house and pass out candy for all of the little trick-or-treaters. Then I start preparing for my huge upcoming Thanksgiving dinner.

Written by Linda on July 1st, 2015

Am I Crazy?   no comments

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We just found out my wife was pregnant about three weeks ago and ever since I have been researching SIDS online and everywhere else. Some lovely idiot at the escort agency had brought it up to me and now I cannot erase the thoughts from my brain. It is always what if, or how and why? Even after reading articles on it I still do not understand? If they give you ways to prevent SIDS than how do they not know exactly what it is? It just does not make sense. My wife thinks I am a lunatic for being so worried, but you really never know if you will be one of the unlucky parents that this happens to. In all honesty I would rather be safe than sorry. I am going to take every step to preventing this from happening to my child whether everyone thinks I am crazy or not.

Written by Linda on April 5th, 2015

Kicking a Bad Habit   no comments

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Breaking any habit is really hard to whether its chewing your nails or drinking. This year for my resolution, I planned to quit smoking and so far I have not had any luck. Every time I try and quit something stressful comes up and I give in to one more smoke. Last night I started to get the craving when I got in an argument with my mother. Instead of giving in I went out with Sheffield escorts to get it off my mind. Surprisingly it worked. Even after a few drinks my mind did not drift back to nicotine, the thought was banished from my mind. I really think that if I can find things to do when I get cravings, that I will be able to kick the habit in no time at all. So wish me luck, because I’m giving it one more shot.

Written by Linda on August 11th, 2014