Am I Crazy?   no comments

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We just found out my wife was pregnant about three weeks ago and ever since I have been researching SIDS online and everywhere else. Some lovely idiot at the escort agency had brought it up to me and now I cannot erase the thoughts from my brain. It is always what if, or how and why? Even after reading articles on it I still do not understand? If they give you ways to prevent SIDS than how do they not know exactly what it is? It just does not make sense. My wife thinks I am a lunatic for being so worried, but you really never know if you will be one of the unlucky parents that this happens to. In all honesty I would rather be safe than sorry. I am going to take every step to preventing this from happening to my child whether everyone thinks I am crazy or not.

Written by Linda on April 5th, 2015

Times are Tough   no comments

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Abby was no dummy. Far from it actually. With a Master’s Degree in education she knew not only that she was smart, but also that she could teach others how to be smart. Despite it all the teacher’s union had lost their rally for job security and she was left with no job prospects and a pile of bills.

Surrey escorts made rows of cash, and Abby knew this as well. It might not be the best resume booster in the world she thought to herself, but it was certainly better than home foreclosure. So she decided to dive in and give it a whirl. She knew who to contact through life experiences she’d rather not admit. One phone call and she was in the front door. One week on the job and she was out of debt. A year later that fancy degree was little more than ancient history.

Written by Linda on February 1st, 2015

A Difficult Task   no comments

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Being a single father is just about the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Since my wife travels a lot for her job, I am left with both kids for two to three weeks at a time. My daughter is 15 so she thinks she knows just about every thing, and my son is 2 and well, we all know what that age is about. Everyday when I get home from work, I get the usual crying fit from him and than the daily argument from my daughter about why she can’t go out for the night. I am at my breaking point right now because I have been working six days a week and juggling my children on top of it all. So this weekend my buddies and I have decided to call up Gatwick escorts and have a night to ourselves. If I don’t get out and do something soon, I do not think I will live much longer.

Written by Linda on August 12th, 2014

Kicking a Bad Habit   no comments

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Breaking any habit is really hard to whether its chewing your nails or drinking. This year for my resolution, I planned to quit smoking and so far I have not had any luck. Every time I try and quit something stressful comes up and I give in to one more smoke. Last night I started to get the craving when I got in an argument with my mother. Instead of giving in I went out with Sheffield escorts to get it off my mind. Surprisingly it worked. Even after a few drinks my mind did not drift back to nicotine, the thought was banished from my mind. I really think that if I can find things to do when I get cravings, that I will be able to kick the habit in no time at all. So wish me luck, because I’m giving it one more shot.

Written by Linda on August 11th, 2014